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Mindshadows books can be ordered in any quantity and shipped anywhere in the world, in both real and virtual incarnations. Click in the menu to the left to order from your region.

NEW! All 3 books in the Muskoka Trilogy are now available as trade paperbacks and as both Kindle and kobo ePUB eBooks!!

Trade Paperbacks

Depending on your location, our trade paperbacks can be purchased on-line directly from Mindshadows, from Amazon, and from Amazon's CreateSpace distribution partners. They can also be ordered directly through local bookstores around the world, thanks to our global distribution arrangements with Ingram and CreateSpace.


Our eBooks can be read on the vast majority of systems, devices, and eBook readers in the world today. They can be purchased directly from the Kindle store and from the kobo store and their partners, and are even becoming available for purchase through local bookstores in many countries. For more background on our approach to eBooks, see eBook Info.

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