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World-wide Book Sales

Mindshadows books can be ordered in any quantity and shipped anywhere in the world, in both real and virtual incarnations. To order books simply reference the eBook or print book ISBNs listed on the North America page, or the author's name - "Gabriele Wills" - and/or the title, such as "The Summer Before the Storm".

Trade Paperbacks

Our trade paperbacks can be ordered around the world, as a result of our global distribution agreements with international distributors such as Ingram Lightning Source and Amazon CreateSpace.

  • Local bookstores can order through their local distributors and Ingram distribution.
  • In many countries you can order on-line through your local Amazon site, (such as Amazon UK, Amazon Deutschland, and so forth).
  • For countries without local Amazon websites, you can often order directly from Amazon.com and still get reasonable shipping rates and prices due to local Amazon stocking or printing capabilities.
  • For special and bulk orders, you can order directly through Mindshadows. Please click here for more information.


Our eBooks can be read on the vast majority of systems, devices, and eBook readers in the world today due to our global distribution agreements with Amazon and kobo. They can be purchased directly from the Kindle store, from the kobo store, and even through local book stores.
  • Our Kindle books can be purchased from Amazon and read on all Kindle devices, new or old! They can also be read on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, and Android smartphones and tablets using Kindle apps and applications that are freely downloadable from Amazon.
  • Our kobo eBooks can be purchased directly from the kobo website and read on kobo devices and over 200 other eReader devices, apps, and applications. This includes not only kobo eReaders but most devices from other leading manufacturers such as Barnes and Noble (Nook), Sony, and Bluefire. kobo eBooks can also be read on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, and Android smartphones and tablets using the apps and applications freely provided by kobo and other companies. For more information on Apps and devices see the "Read this On" information on each book's homepage on the kobo website.
  • With special agreements between kobo and independent bookstore organizations, kobo eBooks will be or are available through thousands of independent bookstores in countries such as the US, UK, Italy, France, and Australia.

For more background on our approach to eBooks, see eBook Info.


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