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Evocative Novels by Gabriele Wills

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Here's just a sampling of what readers have said about Gabriele's novels:

"You have created a masterpiece. I loved every moment..." 

"I haven't been that emotionally invested in a story in many years."

"I could not put this book down! The characters... are so vivid and real that they feel like old friends."

"Gabriele Wills deserves a standing ovation for the research and knowledge that went into this book, and for the skill she possesses in writing with such clarity and vivid detail that the reader is transplanted back in time." 

"Once again, you have intertwined fact and fiction into a compelling story that educates and stirs emotion."

"Thank you so much for writing a 'future classic'."

"I knew this novel was far above average when I found myself neglecting important business matters to sneak in another hour or two of reading."

"It is truly great to read about our splendid history and you are a magnificent story teller."

"I have just finished reading it for the third time. ... Like long-time friends, a good book teaches one something through every reading!" 

"When I read the Muskoka Novels I couldn't put the books down, and even though I've read them several times now, I'm still unable to put them down. I am drawn into their world and I find myself still captivated by every detail."

"I literally couldn't put the book down. I found myself turning on the TV for the kids so that I could read in peace."

"I commend you on both the mountain of detail of research and the skill with which you handle it and achieve an extremely lifelike sense of the moment."