Readers' Comments

"I just finished Moon Hall .... wow!!! You are truly a brilliant writer! Just the right amount of suspense, intrigue, and scary stuff. Again your characterizations are fabulous and your research is meticulous. I love your writings.... Your dedication to your art and your love and gratefulness for your gift is evident!" - Pat Hutchinson, Oshawa

"What a beautiful story! I really enjoyed the way you interchanged the chapters revealing the past and the present. Once I started reading, I could not put the book down. Gabriele, you have a special gift for writing. Please continue to share this gift with your readers." - Marie North, Courtice, Ontario

"I just finished reading Moon Hall and felt I needed to tell you what a beautiful story it is. As I grew up near Lindsay and I enjoyed Moon Hall so much, I will go hunting for your first book. I was contentedly reading the book and being entertained by the characters of Todmorden until Wayne finally attacked Kit. From there, I literally couldn't put the book down. I found myself turning on the TV for the kids so that I could read in peace. Best wishes for your future books! I will be looking for them." - J.L. Sharp

"Moon Hall was such a fascinating and vivid story of local folklore in the Ottawa Valley, one often felt they were in the house with Kit and Violet at the same time. Toggling between past and present was something Gabriele Wills did with great ease. Kudos to yet another great Canadian writer! We need more historical fiction like this to keep our stories alive. Congratulations, Gabriele, on bringing local history to life!" - Carp, Ontario

"After enjoying A Place To Call Home so much, I was really looking forward to reading Moon Hall. I wasn't disappointed! Both stories captured my interest immediately and kept me enthralled to the end." - Penny Watson

"Moon Hall was a captivating read! Each chapter interchanged the past and the present - how fascinating it was to compare the improvements of lifestyle yet stagnating societal issues within this book. I wasn't fortunate enough to have lived in the eras of revolution revealed in Moon Hall, but was very fortunate to have read and fantasized the eras guided by the very thorough and characterized narrations." - Eunice Lay, Toronto, Ontario